Your Only Competition is YOU

Your competition is NOT other people. 

Your competition is you. Your competition is procrastination, your ego, the unhealthy food you are consuming, knowledge you neglect, the negative behavior you’re developing and lack of creativity. That is what true competition looks like. When you compete against that then nothing else can stand your way. Compete against yourself, against your own insecurities and flaws. 

What many people dont understand is that there is enough space for each star in the sky just like there is enough success for everyone.

Each one of us has a unique path to live in this beautiful life. We just have to be supportive and happy for each other instead trying to bring each other down. 

With so many clothing brands, sport teams, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, we can still find uniqueness in each one of them. There is no one else like me and there is no one else like you. We are created to be different. There is one thing in life that is guaranteed not to be taken away from you: your identity. No one can speak like you, walk like you, think like you. 

Find the courage to stay true to yourself and don’t let the daily hustle take you away from yourself. Don’t hate your competitors, respect them and learn from them. Think about it: having competitors is a good thing. They force you to get better, they force you to get stronger and they prevent you from being lazy. For instance, I like to follow and watch not only professional athletes that I probably won’t meet in my lifetime, but local athletes who I can interact with and learn from. 

That makes me want to do more and, in some way, reminds me that if someone can do it, then I can do it too. I prefer to surround myself with individuals who are better at something than me or who achieved more than I did because I consistently learn from them.       

“We might look in the same direction but see two different things.”  –  Tatiana Verega