Trade Excuses for Reasons

I truly believe that your mindset is everything. As a dreamer and achiever, it is easy for me to stay positive, but I have my ups and downs too. I have good and bad days, but it always takes a little extra push to jump back into that positive mindset. Dreams, goals, accomplishments, growth and completion of small creative tasks keeps away bad vibes and excites the positive neurons.

What are the most common excuses that people find?

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t know how to do it.

I have too much going on.

I don’t have money.

I am too tired.

I can’t wake up in the morning.

I have kids now.

It takes too much work.

I am not good enough.

What if it’s not going to work?

It’s too cold.

It’s too hot.

I don’t have anyone supporting me.

What if we trade these EXCUSES for REASONS?

Because I am capable.

Because I am not going to wait for tomorrow.

Because I don’t need their approval.

Because I am my own competition.

Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Because I want to be happy.

Because I am the creator of my own destiny.

Because I don’t want to waste my time.

Because I can do more.

Because I want to do it for my family.

Because I love to create.

Because I love to provide.

Because I have a vision.

Because I love to celebrate.

Because I want to inspire.

Because I want to have financial freedom.

Because I want to be healthier.

Because I have to wake up early. 

Because I want to succeed.