Create your Own Opportunities

When you are trying hard to fit in with the crowd, very often being rejected, you have three options to choose from: 


Keep trying

Create your own opportunities

Which one fits you the most is totally up to you. You make the choice. 

Sometimes we are afraid to make a choice, so we listen to others. In turn, we end up making choices in life that we don’t necessarily want to make, but due to our insecurities we let others decide for us. Should you live your live that way? Absolutely not. 

True story.

My biggest dream in life was to move to United States of America, specifically to Los Angeles, California. As a professional dancer, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else but in Los Angeles. The entire dance industry is either there, New York, or Atlanta. Somehow, life always finds ways to challenge and surprise us. 

No matter how much I tried to make my way to California something would stop me. New opportunities would appear and keep me from achieving my dream of LA. Blessings I couldn’t ignore. 

I always listen to my intuition. Most of the time I do what I feel that is right thing to do. On top of being able to learn and take, I was gifted to create and give. Every time I tried to ignore these intuitions and blessings and follow my LA dream, I felt like I was making a mistake and I just couldn’t understand what was happening. 

I wasn’t afraid, but something was stopping me. Moving somewhere alone to pursue my dream was not the issue. I am someone who can pack a backpack and explore the world. 

Well, this situation was new and different for me. I felt like I was stuck in Galveston, Texas. 

So, what exactly was holding me back? I went through some difficult times. To be honest, those difficult times helped me find myself and my purpose. I was able to answer my big “WHY?” I had a clear vision where I was heading. 

Before I finish my story, I would like to tell that it’s okay not to have it all figured out. It’s okay to take a step back, reflect, and sometimes even change directions. It is not okay to be stuck and not do anything about it. If you need to, take some time off to figure out which way you want to go. If you create a map for yourself where you design your destination and the road that you would like to take to get there, then you are moving in the right direction. Don’t follow someone else’s path, don’t listen to individuals who are trying to bring you down or hold you back. I am speaking from experience. I hit speedbumps and forks in the road, and even doubted myself at times. People who tried to discourage me and tell me that my dreams are not possible because of their limited beliefs. Knowing who I was and where I was heading helped me pass though those minor hiccups and find my own way to success. 

January 2017, I was packing my bags and selling my business with the intention of moving to LA and completing my mission. For something that I had dreamed about for so long, it felt wrong. I was heartbroken to leave. I had spent so much time and money building something so unique in Galveston community, and moving away forever was tearing my heart. 

At that moment I felt like I lost what I had. The moment I changed my mind to stay, I appreciated everything so much more. 

We appreciate everything more when we lose something in our lives, especially when we take things for granted, thinking that they will stay with us forever. When I changed my direction, something greater came into my life. A crystal clear vision. I immediately started to map out all my plans, visions, and ideas. It was like a storm of blessings. 

I discovered that all this time I was just trying to follow the crowd. I changed my mindset. I became an opportunity maker for myself, with others, and for others. I upgraded my business to a new location, bigger, better, and more professional. Dancers were able to take not only Hip-Hop dance classes, but also Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap AND Musical Theater. I invested all my time in giving and growing the dance community on Galveston Island. 

Coming from a country where my opportunities were limited, I wanted to help turn local dancers into trained professionals and help them believe in themselves and their dreams. It worked.

Seeing my students stepping on big stages and signing contracts with Los Angeles dance agencies showed me that hard work pays off and solidified every decision that I made and confirmed that everything happens for a reason. 

I choose my own path. I create my own opportunities. It is totally up to me how I am going to spend the next five years of my life. I also learned that it’s not where you live, but it’s what you do. Location wont change your habits. You must begin the changes within yourself then everything else will change around you.