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PLAY ME 👇🏽🎼 INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the 7 days of happiness, a program designed to enhance your experience of joy in day to day life. We are all on this constant search for happiness and it’s funny that something so many people crave it is so difficult to attain. We look for it in all […]


On February 29, 2020 I had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a team of 29 men. I had never climbed a mountain before Kilimanjaro. The experience was priceless and unforgettable. I learned so much from the experience; therefore, I decided to write about it. The Kilimanjaro adventure is an unforgettable experience that will […]

Never Quit

I wanted to quit so badly. I was losing my motivation. Someone tried to talk me out of things that I wanted to do. I was disappointed when things didn’t go my way. Negative thoughts made me want to quit things that I dreamed about for so long, things that mattered to me the most.  […]

Why I Decided to Write a Book

I believe that I’ve become the hero of my own dreams and story.  Every single day I look in the mirror, I see a warrior and a survivor who knows exactly why, when, where and how. I embrace my past, plan my future and identify who I am in this world. I know my purpose.  […]