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Welcome to DAY 5 of 7 DAYS OF HAPPINESS. 

I think we can agree that we are almost comfortable when we feel like we got life under control. Unfortunately, we can’t be certain with what the future holds even when it looks like things are going one way. Anything can change in a heart bit. Change of any type is scary. When something changes, it challenges our ideas and feelings of safety and security. Change might involve risk, failure or heartbreak. We have such a fear of the unknown and we are willing to do anything to prevent it, that might mean staying in unhealthy relationships or job or taking a risk towards your dreams. We are trying to protect ourselves by remaining in our comfort zone. Doing what we’ve always done to get results that we’ve always gotten, but even then it’s impossible to control anything for long. Change is constant and is always right around the corner. That leaves us with a choice. Either live with fear or learn to embrace uncertainty. Imagine if you were able to view the unknown as an exciting opportunity rather than a threat. What if it were possible to turn towards uncertainty rather than fear it. Befriend the unknown rather than run from it. Suddenly, life wouldn’t feel scary at all. Would it? You’d be fearless.

Uncertainties in life will arise. Uncertainties in life will pass. Feel them all like a wave. They move in and they move out. There is no way to know what the next moment will bring or the one after that. We can only be certain of what is happening in this moment. So try to remind yourself that most of the time our greatest fears are never realized. We visualize outcomes that rarely manifest. Most of the time our future looks nothing like the fears we projected so don’t give power to projections you can’t be certain of. When you are faced with uncertainty allow the discomfort and the unknown to flow through you freely like a wave without letting yourself getting swapped by it. The more comfortable you become with uncertainty the more fearless and open you become to life. 

See if you can stay with uncertainty when it arises in daily life. Get comfortable with the unknown and embrace changes as often as you can and build a habit. View change as an opportunity to learn and grow . Shake things up. Do things differently and take risks because it’s vital to live a happy and fulfilled life. You’ve only got this one so don’t play it safe. Live the life you desire without fear. Embracing uncertainty and stepping into the unknown is where life truly begins.