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Welcome to DAY 4 of 7 DAYS OF HAPPINESS. 

Most of us carry the sense that happiness is somewhere out there in the future. Our hope is that we will find it in the next relationships, purchase or experience. The problem is that as soon as we satisfy one need, another one arises. This leaves us unhappy and unfulfilled. Pursuing things that we don’t have to be happy is an never ending rase. In order to find real happiness, we have to stop looking for it in the future because where it’s actually found is in this very moment. Most of us don’t recognize we are rarely in this moment but it’s true. Nearly all our thoughts are evolved around the past or the future. Now, sometimes this can be useful. Life involves planning ahead and learning from the past but often our minds are full of regrets and worry which actually holds us back. Based on our past experiences we decide we can’t achieve things and we don’t even bother trying, and when we are worried about the future we are putting ourselves through an unnecessary grief. Visualizing outcomes that might never even happen. When we are living in the moment, we are not occupied about concerns or anxious about what might happen. We are connected to what is happening right now, and when we are truly present right in this moment, that’s when we experience true happiness. 


Let’s set an intention for this session and put aside any stress that you are holding. Allow yourself to relax and put your intention into the present moment. Will start by taking a few very slow but deep breaths. Deep breaths in and slow heavy breaths out settling into this moment. On the next inhale, as the breath enters the body mentally note that you are breathing in then as you exhale mentally note that you are breathing out. Breath in into this moment, the only one that matters. Getting swapped away by a thought is completely expected. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just keep returning to your pointed focus over and over. This is why we call it practice. Keep coming back to the present moment, being aware of the start of each in-breath and following it’s entire duration. Following the out-breath from it’s start and all the way to it’s completion. Return to each new moment over and over and feel in the body with the present moment awareness. Notice how you feel while you are focused on the here and now. 

Thinking can be a powerful distraction and making it challenging to stay in here and now. It’s easy for us to drift away. Life is always now, and if you continually miss it by  resisting it, fighting it or reducing it to a means to an end then you are disconnected from the fullness of this moment and ultimately you miss the essence of your life. When you are struggling to get to an idea of happiness that life is in the future then you are out of alignment with what is and the potential for present moment happiness. The way to get there is by be friending the present moment and of course that involves paying attention. Paying attention to your thoughts, your conversations and to every aspect of what you are doing. You can use external mindfulness reminders to bring you back to the present through the day. Select cues like rain drops, the sound of the ocean and wind or the music of a bird from your front yard. This is a gentle way to trigger you back to awareness and return to the here and now. When you wake up in the morning, make the intention to be totally awake today and through the day ask yourself as you are driving, eating, walking, am I fully present to this moment?

By embracing the present moment, you will notice deep changes in your relationships, wellbeing and happiness.