PLAY ME 🎼👇🏽💛


Today I am going to start with a question:

When was the last time you laughed? I mean really laughed. One of those big belly laughs that goes on and on and brings tears to your eyes. If you are lucky, it was over the last couple of days but if you are like many of us, you are so busy trying to get ahead or attending your TO-DO list. The laugh isn’t as familiar as it once was. Children laugh an average of 300 times a day, adults about 17 times. That’s a huge difference in our level of happiness. Obviously age is a factor because kids don’t have the same concerns and responsibilities as we do but part of why they laugh more is because PLAY TIME is on their calendar. Adults find it hard to scheduling fun because there are only so many hours in a day and many of us feel that we have to earn our play time. We are on our raise to success. But research shows that happiness is a huge part of what leads us to success. This means rather than spending all out time focusing on achieving future goals it benefits to access joy right now. How much happiness do you experience when you are doing things in order to get ahead on the future versus amercing yourself in activity that brings you joy in the moment. It’s likely a significant difference because it’s proven that when we are in a flow and completely amerced into something our level of happiness is the highest. Think of how good it feels when you engage in activities that make you happy. What it’s like to be with people who make you laugh. Reflect on how it feels to be completely swapped up in a hobby you are passionate about. One of the keys to happiness includes carving out time each week to engage in play. Not waiting till you are farther ahead in life to feel you are entitled to take the time. 

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the aliveness of this moment. Bringing your mind back to a time you felt joyful as a child. Thinking back to experiences that make your heart raise and grow bigger. Think of how good it feels to laugh. Think of some things that inspire you now and feel you up with joy, make you feel alive. Think of things you would do if you had all the time in the world. What kind of activities could you bring into your life on a more regular basis. Is there a hobby or a passion you haven’t been able to justify and make time for?

What would it take to step out of your comfort zone? Maybe try something new like sky diving, learning a new instrument, or dancing like no one is watching. Perhaps carving out time to spend with people you love or connecting with community. What kind of things would bring you joy? Just take a moment now to think about things that will truly enhance your happiness. Perhaps make an intention now to bring some of those activities into your life. 

Sometimes in the pursued of happiness we loose track of the most obvious things. The more opportunities you can find to create balance and bring play into your life the more you will discover happiness. 


Joy is the one thing we can never get rid of. So I invite you to review the series over and over to refresh yourself on these 7 principles of Happiness. The value of practicing gratitude, offering self-love and acceptance, learning to let go, living in the now, embracing uncertainty, prioritizing your health and taking time to play.